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If you’re at an inflection point – a critical juncture that will result in significant change for your organisation –
we can provide the extra dimension.


It all starts with an inflection point.

By definition, much more is involved than with a tactical brief, so the skills and experience you may need should be both broader and deeper.

The starting point is a thorough understanding of your unique business situation. We love our clients’ businesses – how they work, exploring their challenges and how to achieve the best outcome. With over 20 years’ experience across diverse sectors, cultures and situations, we bring real insights to help you navigate your inflection point.

We then understand your audiences, their behaviours and what will best engage them through significant change. This ensures the most effective content and creative channels will carry these audiences through your inflection point.

We are therefore a team of left and right brains, who have worked on projects in Europe, America, Asia and Africa, in retail, automotive, technology, non-profit, life sciences, insurance, telcos, aerospace, property, and engineering.

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Our work.

You might be embarking on a brand-led culture change. Perhaps your challenge is market expansion or corporate integration. Do you need to share new strategic plans, re-model a business – or even harness national spirit? Whatever your inflection point, we help you cut through complexity and curate solutions that best suit your unique situation.


Boeing: Inspiring China with world air travel

7.3 million visitors to the US pavilion at Shanghai World Expo.

How we did it
We created an experience to engage attendees with the thrill of travel, based around a giant motion-sensing display that integrated user-generated content into the visitor experience via social media, all streamed live on a dedicated website.

This connected the Boeing brand to China, the fastest-growing market for airline passengers. A display showing live tracking of Boeing flights between the US and China adding proof of Boeing’s leadership in the Chinese market.


Costcutter: Taking control of the value chain

Retailers, employees, suppliers, partners, customers, media.

How we did it
We defined and delivered key communications across consumer, supplier, press, partnership and employee channels as Costcutter faced the challenge of supermarkets’ encroachment into local convenience shopping. 

This two-year programme encompassed all communications activity by aligning strategic goals and engaging senior leadership teams with the communications objectives and their cascade. To manage consistency, we built a dashboard of messaging activity across channels and audiences.


Eir: Brand is informed by culture; culture is stronger for brand

Employees, agents, suppliers, business partners, media.

How we did it
When Ireland’s national legacy telco introduced a new brand and name (eir), to stand out in an aggressive competitor quad-play landscape, we worked alongside the brand agency to interpret the vision, purpose and behaviours of the new brand in a messaging plan for the launch and rollout.

This created brand engagement experiences for the four business lines of retail, wholesale, business and customer operations, The rollout included a CEO roadshow, user-generated content, a pre-launch teaser campaign to harness and celebrate existing positive behaviours, and a moment of launch for the new name and identity.

Finnish FA.jpg

Finnish FA: Grow football culture through World Cup qualifiers to grassroots.

The country, commercial sponsors, media.

How we did it
We created a unified campaign for Finland’s national soccer team heading into the World Cup qualifications. This highlighted the role of the audience and the entire Finnish football community. We wanted not only to help sell tickets to home games, but also to develop the national team brand and raise the football culture. 

The “One for all, all for the eleven” message that drove the campaign was immediately accepted and adopted by the fans. There was a massive improvement in ticket sales with a record-breaking number of season tickets and VIP hospitality packages sold. The FA also received several new partnership deals.


Generali: Animate a global strategy of “simpler, smarter”

Customers, agents, employees, media, financial analysts.

How we did it
We created a storyline and animation to communicate the core facts and benefits of choosing Generali, a global player in insurance and financial products and services.

Our solution communicated Generali’s advantages to a global audience in a way that demonstrated the company’s commitment to “protecting and enhancing people’s lives”, using a straightforward and cross-cultural style, across multiple channels.


Microsoft: Nurture Windows ecosystem across enlarged business group

Employees, partners, developers, tech & business media.

How we did it
We organised and ran leadership integration team meetings for the Microsoft Devices Group. This led to a showcasing of their offering at Mobile World Congress, demonstrating best-in-class platforms and services. At this event we also ran exclusive previews, hands-on demos and keynote speeches for developers.


Starbucks EMEA: From 5% to 20% of group targets in five years

Starbucks EMEA country leaders, licensee partners, multi-franchisees, district managers.

How we did it
We designed and created an internal communications platform to launch Starbucks’ new plan across the region, encompassing 32 countries, multiple languages and cultures.

This cascaded strategic and operational initiatives at a two-day experience and via app-based knowledge sharing and in-country tool-kits. Coffee skills and knowledge were showcased at the EMEA Barista Championship, where the region’s most talented baristas became the ultimate ambassadors of the brand. Exceptional partner stories that embodied the company’s values and mission were recognised and rewarded.

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